Alma (Campanha Leica)

Prêmios: Bronze Campanha

"WHAT IF YOUR CAMERA HAD OTHER LIVES? I have no complete memory of my past life. I imagine that I was born in Germany, just like all M3s. I was in the Greater Antilles until the end of my life, always alongside the photographer who followed the rebels returning to Sierra Maestra. We would spend the muggy nights in one of the wooden huts still left standing. In them, you could find the same rain-rusted transmitters that used to broadcast the Rebel Radio programming. During the day, we would follow El Capitán in person. Shrouded in the blue mist of inseparable cigars, maps were unfurled to show us the plans to advance that would lead the guerilla to victory. It was there, in that clearing, that the scarce ammunition was divided, and that farmers, salesman and carpenters learned how to handle rifles to fight an army that was a hundred-fold larger and better equipped. A year ago, in that sweltering summer of 1958, the Cuban army decided to attack. The long-bearded guerrilla counter-attacked, and the official troops retreated, but it was a trap: the revolutionaries found themselves surrounded at Las Mercedes. However, they escaped and returned to fight with intelligence and courage until Havana was won. Until my death, we continued to accompany the leaders of the revolution. There was one trip when we were detained by local secret service agents. I was taken and destroyed with no explanation, but my spirit found a new body. Do you love photography as much as I do? Well then, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Now, I am called M-Monochrom." All Leicas have a soul. Leica M-Monochrom. Black & White reincarnated.

Ficha Técnica

Fabio Fernandes, Eduardo Lima

João Linneu

Thiago Carvalho

Bruno Oppido

Jomar Farias, Robson De Vitto, Leandro Ferreira

F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

Leica Store São Paulo

Luiz Marinho

Alma (Campanha Leica)